Medical Billing & Coding: Dual CPB/CPC Preparation Self-Paced

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Medical Billing & Coding: Dual CPB/CPC Preparation Self-Paced


Dual Certification in Medical Billing & Coding 

The CPC + CPB certification combines the CPC certification with the CPB (Certified Professional Biller). This dual certification makes you an expert in both medical billing and coding.Medical billing and coding certifications qualify students as healthcare business professionals and open doors to a variety of career opportunities in the healthcare industry.

Both medical coding and billing play integral roles in the healthcare revenue cycle. Medical coders identify billable information in the clinical documentation and translate that information into standardized codes. Medical billers use those codes to bill patients and create medical claims to submit to insurance companies.

Dual certification as a CPC and CPB validates expertise in pro-fee coding, as well as proper claim form preparation, submission and payment processes, regulatory compliance, and insurance requirements.

Many people choose to launch their healthcare careers with dual certification for advantages in employability and salary negotiations. Once earning both certifications, which takes 9 – 12 months when training in an online coding and billing program, students can begin successful careers working in physician offices, outpatient facilities, and laboratories.

Legacy has partnered with the AAPC.  AAPC sets the standard for medical billing and coding — and created the CPB® and CPC® certifications, which, with few exceptions, are prerequisite for the profession.

CPB/CPCs have demonstrated:

  • An understanding of various types of insurance plans
  • Expertise in applying payer policy, Local Coverage Determinations (LCDs), and National Coverage Determinations (NCDs) for successful claim submissions
  • Knowledge of CPT®, ICD-10-CM, and HCPCS Level II coding guidelines
  • Successful navigation of healthcare industry rules and regulations, including HIPAA, False Claims Act, Fair Debt Collections Act, and Stark Law.
  • An understanding of the life cycle of a medical billing claim and how to improve the revenue cycle
  • Expertise in effective claim follow-up, patient follow-up, and denial resolution

This course includes: 

  • Online Medical Coding Class via AAPC Blackboard Learning Modules
  • Workbook & Textbook
  • Pro Fee Book Bundle: CPT, HCPCS, ICD10
  • 1:1 time with a coach as needed
  • AAPC Membership
  • CPC Practice Exams
  • CPB Practice Exams
  • CPC® Exam Voucher
  • CPB Exam Voucher
  • Practicode
  • HCC Internship Included

View the CPB Syllabus
View the CPC Syllabus

Upon purchase you will receive an email from your Legacy Coding Coach within 24 business hours confirming your order.

If you purchase an eBook – a code will be generated within 48 business hours and emailed to you.  The email will come directly from the AAPC and will detail how to download your eBook.

If you purchase a physical book – the book is shipped directly from the AAPC.  Legacy will provide you with a tracking number within 48 business hours.

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