Medical Coding: CRC Preparation Self-Paced

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Medical Coding: CRC Preparation Self-Paced


Without risk adjustment coding to ensure that a complete picture of each patient’s health is captured and reported on medical claims, health plans would lack appropriate funding and planning to cover treatment for high-risk patients. Certified Risk Adjustment Coders (CRCs) play a critical role in establishing accurate risk scores for patients, which promotes optimal patient care and ethical payer reimbursement for providers and health plans.

Healthcare professionals earning their CRC credential possess demonstrated expertise in the complexity of diseases associated with chronic conditions and comorbidities, as well as mastery of ICD-10-CM guidelines and risk adjustment guidelines. As CRCs, they are equipped both to ensure clinical documentation accurately portrays the patient’s health status and to ensure all clinically documented diagnoses are properly reported.

Benefits of CRC Certification Course Training
Students taking the CRC Certification Course will gain expertise in disease complexities — particularly those associated with chronic conditions and comorbidities — as well as expertise in ICD-10-CM guidelines and risk adjustment models. Additional knowledge and proficiencies include:

  • Comprehending the impact of diagnosis coding on risk adjustment payments
  • How to review and assign accurate medical codes for diagnoses
  • How to apply medical coding guidelines and meet compliance requirements
  • An understanding of the audit process for risk adjustment models
  • Ability to identify documentation deficiencies and convey them to providers to improve accuracy of risk adjustment scores
  • An understanding of anatomy, pathophysiology, and medical terminology, as they pertain to diagnosis coding

This course includes: 

  • Online Medical Coding Class via AAPC Blackboard Learning Modules
  • Workbook & Textbook
  • 1:1 time with a coach as needed

View the Syllabus

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